Boone, NC Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycare is perfect for busy and working dog owners who would rather bring their dog to a fun and safe environment where they can play with dog friends than leave their dog at home for long periods.

Currently we offer doggie daycare at our Boone, NC dog boarding facility Monday through Friday.

Dog Daycare Drop Off: 7:00 – 9:00 am
Dog Daycare Pick Up: 4:00 – 6:00 pm

$18 a day, or purchase a $75 daycare package good for five days of daycare. 

Doggie Daycare gives your dog:

  Mental stimulation and exercise while you are at work

  Socialization with other dogs

  A safe, supervised environment

dogs looking out from fence - boone nc - woof pack dog boarding

Meet the dogs in our doggie daycare program:

german shepherd dog named dixie - doggie daycare in boone nc


My name is Dixie. My favorite things to do are play with my boyfriend Rogue and fetch the ball. My tippy ears are precious and I am so sweet!

doggie day care guest annabelle - boone nc


My name is Annabelle and I won Ms. Congeniality for 2017! I am the friendliest pup you will ever meet and I often help make the new dogs feel at home!


I am a happy girl and my name is Kaiya. I am an Elkhound/ Akita mix and I am very, very fast.

floyd the dog - sweet boy - woof pack pet services


My name is Floyd. I just completed Basic Obedience Class and I am such a good boy! 

golden retriever at doggie daycare in boone nc


My name is Rogue. I am the newest addition to the Woof Pack.

molly the dog at doggie daycare in boone nc


My name is Molly! I love everyone and I run like the wind!

Australian shepherd in boone nc - woof pack pet services dog boarding and daycare


Hi, my name is Bindi! I am a sweet aussi girl and I love to romp with my friends at daycare!

large black and white dog - boone nc doggie daycare by woof pack pet services


Hi! My name is Monty and I am very sweet. I love Greta – she is my bestie!

dog named abby at doggie daycare in boone nc


Hi my name is Abby! My big brother is Monty. He told me daycare was fun….he was right!

doberman dog named mayzie at doggie daycare in boone nc - woof pack pet services


Hey there, my name is Mayzie. I come to dog daycare with my brother and we have a great time!

doberman dog named watson at doggie daycare in boone nc - woof pack pet services and dog boarding


My name is Watson. I am a new addition to doggie daycare as I am just a puppy. Mayzie is my older sister and she showed me the ropes!

black dog with large ears and pink tongue - doggie daycare in boone nc


My name is Bellatrix. I love chasing huskies. I am a very sweet girl!

small white dog named addie at dog day care in boone nc


My name is Addie. I am one of the absolute sweetest dogs ever and I have really come out of my shell here!


I am Bandit! I am quite the ladies man! I love Annabelle and Addie, but Adele is my best girl!

cute dog with eyes closed at woof pack pet services in boone nc


My name is Boudreaux and I am Kaiya’s brother.  I really love coming here with my sister. I also really love snacks!

white dog with stick playing fetch in boone nc


My name is Kalidah. I am one of the smaller doggies in the group. I love playing with the big dogs though!

happy dog with tongue out at doggie daycare in boone nc


Hi I am Mollie. I am a Canine Good Citizen!  I love doggie daycare and my cat friends at home!


My name is Eddie! I am shy at first, but warm up quickly, and I love seeing my other Doodle friends Dobby and Lincoln at daycare!

german shepherd named greta at woof pack pet services in boone nc


I am Greta! I moved to the Boone area from Florida and I have a great time! Monty is my favorite dog!

black mixed breed dog named gracie in boone north carolina


New girl Gracie here! Enjoying making new friends and stretching my legs in the sunshine. 

pug dog named orson at doggie daycare in boone nc


Orson – I just recently started daycare and I was a little nervous at first. Everyone is very nice to me though and now I am wide open and very excited to come!

australian shepherd named rusty in boone nc dog day care


Rusty – I am an Aussie and I recently started daycare with my brother Jasper. We love all the running and playing!

jasper the australian shepherd in boone nc dog daycare


My name is Jasper! I am one of the fastest in the group. I  am Rusty’s brother!


My name is Duchess! I am a Canine Good Citizen and Therapy dog. I am the sweetest girl you would ever meet. 

dog named brody in boone nc


I’m Brody! I am new to doggie daycare. I love meeting new dogs playing in the yard. I am a very well behaved boy and a good listener!

dog named luna at dog daycare in boone nc


My name is Luna and I love to run and jump around. I have been coming for a while as a lodge guest and I am excited to be part of the daycare program now!

white dog named dobby at dog day care in boone nc


Hi! I’m Dobby! I come to daycare with my big brother, Coal. Don’t let the white fur fool you, I LOVE to get dirty!

coal the black lab dog in boone nc


Howdy, my name is Coal. I am a perfect gentleman and I help make sure these young pups behave themselves. I am also a certified therapy dog!

black and white dog named penny


Greetings! I’m Penny! If you come to daycare, there’s a good chance you’ll meet me. I get along with everyone I meet. I love to grab a stick and have the other dogs chase me!

cute dog with big ears in boone nc doggie daycare


Hello, my name is Buddy! I am Woof Pack’s one and only Basenji. I get along with all dogs big, and small!

black lab named cooper in boone north carolina at doggie daycare facility


Woof! I’m Cooper! I’m one of the youngest boys in the program, I love coming to daycare and playing with my friends.


Lincoln is my name! I can play gently with the little guys, but I can also play rough with the big dogs!

brown dog named scout with a sad face - boone nc doggie daycare


My name is Scout! I’m a big girl and sweet as sugar! I love coming to daycare to play with my best girlfriends, Bellatrix and Penny!

golden lab named cooper at doggie daycare in boone nc - certified therapy dog


My name is Cooper! I am a certified therapy dog, and when I’m not playing with my friends at daycare, I am doing good deeds around our community!

big dog named toby at doggie daycare


Nice to meet you, I’m Toby! I’m a BIG puppy, I love to wrestle and chase my friends at daycare!

dog named maple in boone nc


I’m Maple! My little sister Avery and I come to doggie daycare to play and work on our social skills.

black dog named avery in boone nc


Avery here! I’m a big dog in a small package. I growl like a gremlin when I get excited.

Siberian husky puppy with red bandana - woof pack pet services boone nc


Hey there! I’m Maverick! I’m new to doggie daycare, but so far I’m having a great time, and love every new dog I meet.
dachsund weiner dog named mollie in boone nc daycare


My name is Mollie! I come to daycare with my brother Binks! This is me on my way to daycare, cruizin’ in style.

small dog named binks at doggie daycare in boone


Binks here! After a long day of fun at doggie daycare, my sister Mollie and I are ready for a good nap.

brown dog named brigsby in boone north carolina


I’m Rigsby! I am the new dog on the block at daycare. I am having a blast so far and make friends with every dog I meet.

golden lab in boone nc


My name is Hannah! I’m a sweet girl with lots of energy! I play hard, and nap hard at daycare!

golden retriever named duffy boone nc


Hi! I’m Duffy! I’m a spunky girl who likes to have fun and get wild! Coming to doggie daycare helps me burn off some of my puppy energy!

brown boxer dog named gunner in boone north carolina


Hey Guys! My name is Gunner. I am a sweet and fun-loving Boxer. I just graduated from Nose Work Class!

dog named moses in boone nc


I’m Moses! I may be just a pup, but I’m a BIG boy! I have so much fun making new friends at doggie daycare. Woof!

black and white dog at dog day care


My name is Feynman! I am in Woof Pack’s new Day Training program. I am working hard on my obedience skills, but once school is out, I get to play with my friends!

happy dog at woof pack in boone north carolina


And I am Faraday! Feynman is my brother, and when we’re not working hard on our school work, were playing hard at doggie daycare!

maddux the dog at doggie daycare


I’m Maddux! My sister Wenry and I just started coming to daycare and we love it!

dog with party hat on for his birthday - boone nc


Wenry here! Celebrated my birthday at Woof Pack with all my friends! We had a party and they even gave me a gift and a cookie to share with my brother. 

chloe the dog in boone nc dog daycare


Hi everyone! My name is Chloe and I am a sweet, spunky girl with lots of energy!

beautiful smile on a big black dog in boone north carolina


I’m Rhodi! I ALWAYS have a big smile on my face while I’m here at Woof Pack.

jane the happy dog at woof pack dog daycare and dog boarding


Jane here! I come to doggie daycare with my dear sister Penny! I’ve certainly made some friends for life over the past year.