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Therapy Dog Training in Boone, NC

We also offer Therapy Dog Training. Usually these classes are a combination of AKC Canine Good Citizen skills and therapy skills with evaluations at the end of the 6 week period.

I am currently serving as a Pet Evaluator, as well as, the Regional Director for Therapy Pets Unlimited for the state of North Carolina and I make it a priority to help facilitate therapy work throughout the state.

Therapy Pets Unlimited, Inc. is a non-profit therapy pet organization founded in 2014. Companion animals bring joy to millions of people across the United States.

Research now has shown that pets provide both psychological and physiological benefits. Pet visitations can help lift moods, reduce anxiety, increase communication and motivation.

For those who have experienced a traumatic event or are feeling isolated, pet visitations ease grief, stress and loneliness. Pet visitations can also be helpful in a wide range of environments, beyond the tradition hospital and nursing home facilities, including schools, community outreach program facilities, assisted living facilities, out-patient clinics, senior citizen centers, and libraries.

All TPU pets are pre-screened, tested and evaluated for suitable temperament, health and behavior by a local TPU evaluator. Handlers must also pass a background check administered by a national background screening company.

When visiting a acility, all pet/handler teams are fully insured through TPU and easily identified by a TPU handler ID and pet tag. TPU is also an approved American Kennel Club (AKC) organization.

therapy dog at elementary school

Navi with her kids at Mabel Elementary!

therapy dog training - navi at glenbridge rehabilitation center - boone nc

Navi visiting Glenbridge!


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